Invest in Reliable Roof replacement for Your Home or Business

Plan your new roof installation in Breaux Bridge, Lafayette, LA & surrounding areas

Have you been dealing with more and more roofing issues that repairs don't seem to fix? Replacing your old roof may be the better option for you. Instead of just patching the problem, a total roof replacement can stop leaks at the source and protect your home or business for years to come.

Schedule your new roof installation with RPM Construction in Breaux Bridge or Lafayette, LA and be sure that you're getting a strong and reliable roof. We'll take the time to assess your needs and deliver long-lasting results you can trust. Call now for a free estimate.

You have options for restoring your roof

When your roof damage goes beyond simple patches or repairs, turn to RPM Construction for new roof installation services. We'll inspect your roof and determine whether you're better suited for...

  • Roof replacements - completely tearing off the old roof, installing new insulation, repairing trusses and laying new roofing material
  • Reroofing - adding a new layer of roofing material to your existing roof to stop leaks and restore its appearance
  • Roof conversions - converting flat roofs to low slope or peaked roofs and applying new roofing material for a whole new look

Call now to schedule a roof inspection and determine which option is best for you.